Vision & Mission

“Your Equipment, we care” is the core mission of Henan Shenzhou. Shenzhou company has been fighting for a better tomorrow for the enterprise, the staff, the customers, the shareholders and social by manpower.

Shenzhou Precision adheres to the quality philosophy of "create values for customers". Excellent equipment is the booster of corporate growth and lean production is the guarantee of product quality. Shenzhou Precision has actively promoted "lean production" and strictly implemented the quality management principles of "conduct strict process control, improve through analysis and comparison, lead the industry by technological innovation, set customer satisfaction as the criterion" to ensure 100% qualified products before delivery. We pursue quality of "charm" to go beyond the expectations of customers to the maximum extent and pursue product differentiation.

Through strength and practical actions, Shenzhou Precision implements the service concept of "dedicated and credible" and the business vision of "dedicated to becoming a company with the strongest supply capacity in the special equipment industry of China and the world". The national strategy of “The Belt and Road” will further encourage Shenzhou Precision to enter a broader overseas market.

Advanced cultural concept is the cornerstone of corporate’s sustainable development. "Create a better tomorrow for customers and interested parties" is the great mission of Shenzhou Precision; "Devout, studious, persistent, dedicated, innovative, hard-working, inclusive and optimistic" is the corporate culture of Shenzhou Precision; "integrity, virtuousness, dedication and excellence" is the corporate values of Shenzhou Precision; "think about ourselves rather than others, focus on the subjective rather than the objective and pay attention to outcome rather than process" is the guideline of people in Shenzhou Precision. Our company conveys the corporate values and concepts to the employees subtly and integrates them into everyday work. Today, all the employees of the company adhere to honesty, professional ethics and work standards to generate constant spiritual motives for the long-term development of Shenzhou Precision.


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