Social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is mostly centered on the lofty mission of serving society, benefiting mankind and changing life. While pursuing economic benefits, the company attaches great importance to the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility, protects the interests of shareholders, employees, customers, business partners and the whole society, treats suppliers, customers and employees in good faith, and makes use of professional advantages to improve the efficiency and quality of implementation; The company has successfully passed the "environmental management system ISO14001 certification" and "occupational health and safety management system ISO18001 certification" many years ago.


The Company has been stressing on environmental protection, energy-saving and emission-reduction and comprehensive utilization of resources. Bearing in mind the idea of green development, the Company has been increasing its environmental investment and persistently commencing works on technology innovation and facilities upgrade.


The Company has been in strict compliance with laws and regulations such as the Environmental Protection Law of the PRC, Water Pollution Prevention and Control Law of the PRC, Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law of the PRC, Solid Waste and Environmental Pollution and Solid Waste Prevention and Control Law, and the Interim Provisions on Administration of the Discharge Permit. It has also acquired emission permit legally, and formulated a series of regulations according to the actual circumstance of the Company, for instance, Environmental Protection Management Regulations, Environmental Protection Facility Operation and Management Regulations, Integrated Measures for the Management of Water Resources (for Trial Implementation), and Solid Waste Management Regulations, with a view to regulating and promoting the Company’s environmental protection, pollution prevention and control, energy-saving emission reduction works, so as to gradually promote the institutionalization of environmental protection and achieve sustainable development.

The Company actively adopts internationally leading new processes and technologies which is helpful to reduce the energy consumption and the emissions of pollutants. Meanwhile, the Company vigorously develops the cyclic industry, turns the coal ash and slag (solid waste) into new building materials, recycles treated sewage and wastewater back to the coal gasification process, and realizes “ultra-low emission” of exhaust gas.


For wastewater, the Company’s sewage discharge has been in strict compliance with national, ministry, local, district, and enterprise standards. The Group has built sewage treatment facilities and has ensured the normal operation of environmental protection facilities and wastewater discharge meeting standards.

The Company strengthens its water-saving management and rational use of water resources, in order to build a green energy-saving enterprise. The Company has set up an integrated water resource management committee, which is responsible for setting annual water saving targets, indicators and incentive measures, and accountable for information collection, technical reserve, project implementation, optimization and transformation, personnel training, research activities, supervision and inspection relating to water saving management.

The Company arranges regular water-saving training to encourage employees to actively save water. The Company encourages the comprehensive utilization of various water resources in chemical industry parks and living areas, and increases incentives for water conservation units.


The Company classifies wastes according to local standards and reports to competent environmental protection authorities on the types, production, flow, storage, disposal and other relevant information of major industrial solid wastes in accordance with the requirements of China’s industrial solid waste declaration and registration system. It stores solid waste at a proper location or delivers them to qualified entities for incineration, compression and other compliant treatments.


The Company’s major harmless wastes are furnace slag and waste steel plate. In the disposal of harmless solid waste, the Company gives priority to internal recycling, and solid waste which cannot be recycled for internal use will be sold or disposed of. For solid waste to be disposed of, the Company classifies them according to their different metal contents, specifications and models and degrees of waste and sells them to qualified entities in compliance with the regulations. It follows up on the waste transfer processes and results, to minimize the impact of waste on the environment.


According to the List of Hazardous Waste, the hazardous wastes generated by the Company mainly include waste gas and waste fuel oil, for which the Company has in place corresponding internal and external disposal measures.

Regarding hazardous waste for internal use, the Company requires clear records of the data relating to treatment or recycling facilities (equipment) with mature technology, qualified operators, normal operation of key equipment, material consumption and finished goods (semi-finished goods) to be kept, and requires that the risk of secondary pollutants should be lower than the original waste and be effectively treated. The Company timely reports to or files with competent authorities once the conditions are met.

Regarding hazardous waste for external use, the Company strictly implements the relevant national administrative licensing requirements and conducts bidding in accordance with its established procedures. The Company is in strict compliance with the requirements of the Management Measures for Transfer Forms of Hazardous Waste.


The Company established the “leading group for energy conservation and emission reduction” headed by the general manager, which strictly implements the responsibility system for energy conservation goals, instills the enterprise’s strategy into the behavior of all employees through the performance management system for energy conservation goals, and ensures the realization of enterprise strategy with performance management, and creating the channel between strategy and performance realization. The Company has established an energy management system in accordance with GB23331 which is inspected and approved by an external supervisory body.

Each year, the Company allocates special energy-saving funds to conduct energy-saving technological upgrading projects as scheduled and based on the order of priority, accelerates the elimination of old techniques, technologies and equipment with high energy consumption, encourages the introduction of advanced foreign energy-saving technologies and develops, promotes and applies new energy- saving technologies, new technology, new equipment and new materials.

All units of the Company strictly follow the national and industry standards for energy consumption limits, and the efficiency of power consumption equipment is measured on a regular basis to ensure economic and reasonable power consumption at all units.

Social responsibility


While striving to maximise profits, the company also places high value on human resources. As an enterprise with social responsibility, the Company puts the “people-oriented” goal into practice, adheres to the principles of justice, fairness, equality, and has established a sound salary incentive system, welfare system, promotion system, and carried out a variety of staff activities.


In accordance with laws and regulations such as the Labour Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Labour Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Company has developed the “The Personnel and Labour Management Regulations” to effectively ensure that employees enjoy their labour rights and perform their obligations in accordance with the law. The Company regards employees as its most valuable assets, implements a “people-oriented” principle in production and operation, staff training, labor security, compensation and benefits and “five types of social insurance contributions and one housing fund contribution”, and cares for the work, life, health, safety and career development of employees comprehensively and in multiple ways. It strives to build a harmonious and win-win labor relation to promote the common development of the Company and employees.


The Company implements unified personnel planning and recruitment. It recruits talent through multiple methods including online recruitment, campus recruitment, special recruitment and large job fairs, and conducts comprehensive evaluation and selection of external candidates based on job requirements and standards. In the recruitment process, the Company has been in strict compliance with relevant laws and regulations, candidates are treated in a fair and equal manner without regard to their nationality, sex, colour, age, family background, ethnicity, religion, and physical status.

The Company established “the personnel planning and annual recruitment plan“, “three years personnel planning and recruitment plans” and other relevant regulations, added staff through internal staffing, employees hiring, introduction of technical talents, management trainees and other ways, to guide recruitment activities. At the same time, the Company established the hierarchy of cadre, by importing and personal cultivation of high-quality talents, optimizing the structure of company cadres, improving cadres’ professionalism.


The Company provides endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, industrial injury insurance and maternity insurance contributions to employees in a timely manner, distributes gifts and shopping cards on holidays including the Spring Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival, cooperates with large hospitals to provide regular free physical examinations to employees, issues meal subsidies and provides accommodation.

Social responsibility


In order to protect and improve the working environment and safeguard the safety and occupational health of employees, the Company has been in strict compliance with laws and regulations including the Labor Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Safe Production Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases, as well as its internal rules including the Occupational Health and Safety Management Procedures, and the Emergency Plan Management Rules. It has effectively implemented the OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system and continues to improve the working environment and working conditions for employees in multiple areas.


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